majMary Ann Jose (Maj to her friends) is a Canadian photographer and artist based in Grande Prairie Alberta. She has a life long fascination with magic of light and colour in the world around her. She has been pursuing the perfect photograph since she first picked up a camera in high school. Maj is a storyteller with a camera. Her passion is to identify the subtle things that make each person unique, catch them at just the right moment, and produce images that will be treasured forever.

Maj has have been described as heartfelt and sensitive, warm and engaging photographer. Her family sessions are more like play dates. Suddenly a family session will transform into children running and laughing with Maj chasing them down and capturing them in action. Conservative fathers suddenly find themselves smiling and hamming it up for their family shots. Her ability to reach out to the nervous women bravely venturing out for that first boudoir session is truly special. Maj’s thoughtful posing , lighting and coaching have helped ordinary women of every shape, size and age reveal their true beauty and strength through their pictures.

Maj has worked successfully as a commercial photographer and has done corporate portraits, work place and dynamic action shots. Her creative images have told the stories of rescuers, hospitals and small business through exciting engaging images. Her friendly gregarious nature makes her an outstanding event photographer. She works the room drawing out the fun in every participant and capturing their fun memories.

She specializes in portraiture and selectively uses digital effects that are drawn using computer technology. Maj transforms her photographs into works of digital art revealing unseen beauty and mystery. Her favorite creative work is her steam punk photography. Maj loves to capture the fascinating mix of feminine, futuristic, retro-Victorian, and western elements. Combining creative costumes , daring makeup and interesting sets with a little digital magic she produces images that excite even the most hardcore science fiction fan.